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Seeing your company evolve and identifying new needs involves more than just recruiting talent. You must also develop your sales and financial strategy! Talent, career and motivational management, setting up your sales and marketing plan, rationalising costs and implementing the best tools to manage each of these points, are all equally important for your growth.

To face all these issues, it is a good idea to go to the right people and to be surrounded by experts in their fields. Being well aware that you don’t always have the time to devote to finding these experts and setting up these crucial projects, we propose that we step in and organise them for you!

increase your performance
The Heads & Hunters team has excellent general expertise and is fortunate to have a very good network on the market and to be regularly in contact with people who possess remarkable skills. It is therefore natural that we recommend the best specialists to you and create synergies between you and these people. Would you like to request our support and our network of experts? We are here to help you!

Heads & Hunters supports you in your growth

To support you in your growth, we support you throughout the development of your projects. At each critical phase of your growth, we can put you in touch with the best experts on the market. Here is an overview of the individual cases where we have already been involved:
“One of our clients, whom we were already working with for the recruitment of sales employees, also wanted to recruit complex technical staff and specialised engineers to managerial positions. Having appreciated our methodology, our follow-up and our detailed personality and potential analysis (TMA), he wanted to continue with us in his approach. We therefore suggested that we be his HR Partner and coordinate contacts with specialist offices for these particular staff. We chose partners whose quality of work and values match our own to select the best candidates and test their technical skills. At our level, we tested their personalities and assessed the match between their aspirations and our client’s corporate culture.”
“During our intake discussion for the recruitment of a sales manager, our team realised that our client had a limited knowledge of subsidies in Wallonia (although admittedly a complicated area!) and was not receiving any aid, even though they were entitled to it. We then organised a meeting with one of our key partners and coordinated the support provided during this assignment. Through our involvement, they could ultimately benefit from the Sesam plan for 3 new employees (€60-75,000 over 3 years). And as a bonus, they received nearly €20,000 in subsidies linked to the employee training that year for the setting up of their new CRM!”
“Through one of our satisfied clients, we were introduced to a fast-growing company that needed to reinvent its human resources system. This company wanted to completely review its strategy and implement HR tools that would allow it to move forward more efficiently and with a more digital focus. After a discussion to get a clearer picture of the situation and to better understand our client’s real needs and circumstances, our team was able to offer a comprehensive solution. By coordinating the experts in each field and by setting up a specific plan, we supported our client at a decisive moment in their growth.
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