Onboarding coaching

Talent is the key to your performance !

Heads & Hunters offers you tailor-made solutions as part of the support package for your new recruit.

The objective of Onboarding is to make new recruits feel comfortable and to enable them to integrate rapidly as well as ensuring that they are speedily profitable and are able to embark on a lasting relationship with your company.

It is essential therefore to prepare for the arrival of your new employee! Onboarding allows you to anticipate behaviours and questions that change every day after their appointment and that have an impact on the learning curve of these new recruits as well as on their performance.

Our objective is to support you in this crucial stage thanks to several programmes that have been designed for Sales & Marketing profiles or that are tailored to match the profile/position of the new recruit. You just have to choose the one that is the best match for your company!

Heads & Hunters