Our Solutions

Because we want to support you at every step of your growth

Heads & Hunters is specialised in Sales, Marketing and HR profiles and offers a highly qualitative service, guaranteed by its commitments and methodology.

We guarantee “zero flaws” by responding to the specific and immediate needs of our customers. That is why we offer our customers and candidates all possible types of contract, such as

  • temporary recruitment,
  • permanent recruitment,
  • project contracts,
  • freelance
  • interim management

Our added value is built around 4 key elements: a team of passionate experts, a broad network, an innovative approach and our values, oriented towards the human and the long-term relationship. Make the difference with Heads & Hunters solutions.

H&H Recruitment Solution

We opt for a different approach compared to traditional players in the sector. Our recruitment and selection methodology enables us to offer a unique service adapted to each situation or stage of your growth. Our highly effective and innovative tools enable us to introduce you to potential employees whose motivation, approach and skills are a perfect fit for your company


H&H Testing Solution

We work with carefully selected tools so we can offer the best solutions as part of the talent assessment. Faithful to our slogan ‘Professional with Purpose’, Heads & Hunters goes further than posting high-potential profiles on its ‘hunting board’. Our greatest incentive is to connect the talented individuals and companies that match each other in order to build a lasting and profitable relationship for all.

Our variety of methods and targeted tools allow us to identify your future employee’s profile and also render them loyal to your company, providing you with information on the management style to adopt or avoid with your future employee. Would you like to go further to know if the candidate masters the required competencies to perform the job function? We offer supplementary modules created by professional and independent psychologists to secure high-quality coverage.


H&H Projects Solution

Seeing your company evolve and identifying new needs involves more than just recruiting talent. You must also develop your sales, financial, and human strategy. To support you in your growth, we assist you throughout the development of your projects.

At each critical phase of your growth, we can put you in touch with the best experts on the market to maximise the synergies. From organising the onboarding of new employees or motivational workshops that create energy and meaning to the sales strategy and recovery of ONSS and PP, we operate across a wide range of concrete cases to assist you in the definition of your priorities.

H&H HR Partner Solution

Aiming to provide the most complete solution possible to our customers and enthusiasts to the idea of offering our methodology across all profiles sought, we developed our new H&H HR Partner solution.

H&H HR Partner now allows you to coordinate all your recruitments, beyond our target sectors of Sales, Marketing & HR, through new partners – each specialising in their own subject, demonstrating quality standards and values equivalent to our own, to complete our offer and provide you a unique methodology.

P.S. Are you looking for financial, engineering, IT, administrative, technical profiles and more? You can take advantage of the expertise of these two partner offices at no additional cost.

Solution H&H Consulting

It’s new! Considering our client collaboration as a genuine partner relationship, we are now offering a consulting service. We emphasise the human and the suitability between the talents made available and the companies who offer them projects. Therefore, we are looking at the solution in the same way as our other services, differently and sustainably.

Through our H&H Consulting solution, Heads and Hunters offers you the expertise of talents hired within our structure or having freelance status according to your needs and projects – and that for temporary projects of short or long term, full-time or part-time in strategic, operational roles. Our talents are specialised in sales, marketing, and HR. This solution is adapted to both SMEs and multinationals in all possible sectors of activity and during every phase of their evolution.

Thanks to a better understanding of your issues and challenges and thinking about the optimal solution, we can select the right freelance partner or consultant for you.

Because our network of independents is very important to us, we offer them a personalised follow-up and exchange of enriching experiences in the discussions, networking and the future organisation of workshops.

Is your company going through a change and/or crisis. Do you need the realization of a specific project or do you need specialized expertise? Then interim management is the ideal HR solution. 

Interim management offers organizations a flexible and efficient solution to manage change, achieve specific business objectives, fill leadership gaps and guarantee business continuity in case of temporary absences. It offers companies access to specialized expertise on a temporary basis, ensuring continuity and facilitating organizational development. 

Heads & Hunters will guide your organization in the search for a qualified and experienced interim manager who will help you and your company overcome these phases. Interim managers come from outside the organization and can serve in various capacities, whether at C-, director – or a senior management level. 

What can you expect from our interim managers? 

  • Flexibility 
  • Result-oriented 
  • Knowledge transfer 
  • Cost-effectiveness 
  • Strong and fast ROI 

For which types of assignments: 

– Change/transformation assignments 
– Project management/program management 
– Continuity Assignments

Make the difference with Heads & Hunters solutions. Contact our Professionals with Purpose team for more information by