Your ideal job: sales, marketing or HR

Because we believe work gives purpose in life!

A job that meets your expectations

What’s the perfect job? The perfect role? The job that makes you want to get out of bed each morning? Work gives meaning to our lives, it is an integral part of it and gives us a sense of accomplishment. It is highly motivating to implement actions, lead projects, participate in the life of a company and share its vision. Once you have understood this, three fundamental questions arise:
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What are my talents and skills?

Being aware of your breadth of talents and skills is the first step in the process. Based on your experience, you will have developed knowledge and know-how. Your potential is constantly evolving and you can take advantage of it.

What are my motivations and my aspirations?

What drives you deep within? It might be helping, collaborating, learning, communicating, training, coaching, or something else. You are willing to join a team where you can develop your talents, creativity and analytical skills, strike a better work-life balance, participate in decision-making, and more. These elements guide your thinking.

What are my values?

Being embedded in sustainability, striving for excellence, providing a personalised service, feeling committed to something greater… Your values define you. You are looking for a company that shares your ideals and whose development prospects point in the same direction.

Do you need guidance to answer these questions? We are here to help you!

The job and position that suit you

Are the answers to the 3 fundamental questions above clear to you? Have you known for a long time how to engage in the job market? Do you know which position suits you best? Starting a new challenge within a company can take many forms. Which position is right for you?
  • Freelance
  • Consultant
  • Interim Management
  • Employee
Whatever your situation, there are opportunities for you to work in an environment that suits you. Are you looking for a job that matches your status? We are here to help you!

Heads & Hunters points you to the job that fits you best.

Get involved in a company that will acknowledge you and whose values you share, structure and ambiance you like, communications you value and ambitions you respect. This list is non-exhaustive and will be adapted based on our meetings and discussions, until it reflects your own ideals! We are fortunate enough to have a team that combines solid, on-the-ground experience in sales & marketing, recruitment, people management and project management. We complete this package with our passion for human relations and put our combined knowledge at your disposal to ensure you make the right choices in the career development that you are looking for.
Because the aim of Heads & Hunters is to adapt to a fast-changing professional world and meet your desire for freedom, we allow you to choose between different career routes:
  • Long-term opportunities with the potential to grow in certain companies with similar ambitions;
  • Temporary projects that enable you to fine-tune your professional skills so that new possibilities then open up to you.
If our “purpose” appeals to you and if you feel inspired by HR, sales & marketing career opportunities, please get in touch with us!